“What’s the Story?”

Even the nicest humans can turn into monsters out on the road.

What’s the Point?

Be the first band to finish the tour around the US with at least one human member remaining. 

Go On…

Each player begins with a band consisting of [4] human members while they tour the US stopping at each of the [9] highlighted cities to rock a show (Austin, Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Nashville, NYC, Cruise Fest, and Miami). Whether or not the show is a success, will be based upon the Playing Cards in your hand (explanation below). Along the way your human band members are at risk of turning into monsters when things don’t go their way (how this happens is explained below too). If all [4] of your members have turned into monsters you have officially become burnt out. Your tour is over but the fun is just beginning. It’s been said that misery loves company and your new goal is to stop all the other bands from finishing their tour by taking control of the burnouts (the giant, black playing pieces).


If you are lucky enough to finish the tour FIRST with at least one human band member remaining you are the “king of the road” - congrats, you’ve won. If NO ONE finishes their tour, everybody’s a winner.

Gas Up the Van and Hit the Road!

  • Each player chooses a color (pink, purple, blue or yellow), grabs the [4] Monster Cards that correspond with that color (you can find them in the Tour Card deck) and places them face down in front of them.

  • Each player is dealt [3] Playing Cards and [2] Tour Cards. 

  • Re: Remaining Playing Cards: Dealer will flip over the top Playing Card and places the remaining stack next to it (this is the draw pile). When the draw pile runs out keep the top facing card and shuffle all Playing Cards not in use to create the new draw pile. 

  • Place the remaining Tour Cards off to the side. You will receive more of these if/when you have successful shows.

Playing Cards = In order to have a successful show at a city, [2] of your [3] cards must match the show symbols. Suits match with the suits, the letter “B” stands for black, the letter “R” stands for red, and the letter “F” stands for face card.

Tour Cards = Fun items that can be used to help your band and/or sabotage the other bands.

Play begins with the person who can name the most obscure indie band, or better yet, the person who most recently saw a live concert (if two or more of you were at the same show together then just duke it out). Before each roll, you are allowed [2] moves; one with your Playing Cards and one with your Tour Cards. REMEMBER: You don’t have to make a move. Sometimes you’ll be prepared with the cards you need with no desire to play a Tour Card and all that’s left to do is roll when it’s your turn. 

  1. Playing Card move = You may take the card facing up or grab one from the draw pile. REMEMBER: You are allowed only [3] Playing Cards in your hand at a time. Place the card you aren’t going to use on the top facing pile. 

  2. Tour Card move = You may play [1] if you so choose. If you decide to play a “Move ___ Spaces” card go ahead and complete this action BEFORE rolling the dice.

Roll the die and move accordingly. REMEMBER: You must stop at each city to play a show. 

  • If the show is a success, (i.e., you have at least [2] Playing Cards matching the show symbols) discard your [2] Playing Cards off to the side and collect [2] more from the draw pile along with a Tour Card as a reward. Go ahead and roll the die again. You are not allowed to make any moves with your Playing Cards or your Tour Cards at this point. So, pray you don’t roll a six unless you were lucky enough to garner [2] more Playing Cards that will match the next show’s symbols or you were smart enough to do your best to plan ahead. 

  • If the show is a bust, (i.e., you DON’T have at least [2] Playing Cards matching the show symbols) trouble awaits your band. Flip over one of the Monster Cards in front of you. Sadly, this means you are one step closer to being burnt out, but don’t fear you still have [3] more tries and some Re-Humanizer Tour Cards floating around that can turn a monster back into a human. Scoot your playing piece off to the side. You’are safe here until your next turn. The next step on your journey is the space right after the city you just played.

If you happen to land on another player get excited; you just turned one of their band members into a monster. That player will flip over one of their monster cards and they are forced to return to the city they last played a show at. Take their spot on the board and hope karma doesn’t come back to bite you. 

If all [4] of your band members have turned into monsters do not fear, because now you get to wreak havoc on your competition. Pull out a BLACK colored playing piece (a.k.a. a Burnout) and place it near the previous city you just played. REMEMBER: This could be the city you just had an unsuccessful show at. 

From here on out, when it’s your turn, you are allowed to move ANY Burnout on the board (in a way, all the players who are Burnouts are now on the same team because they only way to win as a Burnout is if NO ONE  finishes their tour) but keep in mind:

  • Burnouts can only move forward.

  • Burnouts cannot land on cities, or other Burnouts; therefore, if no Burnout can be moved without landing on a city, or another Burnout, then their roll is cancelled out. Play resumes to the next player.

  • You cannot split up your roll among multiple Burnouts (i.e., if you roll a six then move [1] Burnout six spaces).

  • If a human band member lands on a Burnout that human becomes a monster.

  • If a Burnout lands on a human then that human becomes a monster. 

  • ONLY Burnouts CAN USE THE [2] BRIDGES.

2 Player Mode

Same rules apply as the normal game but release [1] Burnout (from the starting position) after the first player passes Los Angeles. Release the other [2] Burnouts (from the starting position) after the second player passes Los Angeles. From here, play resumes as normal but each player will roll a Burnout roll after their turn is finished. You can move any Burnout you’d like. Bear in mind, you must follow the [6] Burnout rules and yes, there may be times where a Burnout that you rolled for ends up landing on your player turning him/her into a monster - get over it, it’s a tough business.

- -

Have a great tour! I hope you make it back home.