“Is this mic on?”

Be the first band to finish the tour around the U.S. with at least one human member remaining to be crowned victorious in this debut board game from Future Space Dust Games.

Gas up the van and hit the road!

Each player begins with a band consisting of 4 human members that will journey to 9 major American cities including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and even a cruise ship festival.

Manage your Playing Cards to determine if your upcoming show is a success or a bust. Strategize with your Tour Cards to sabotage your opponents and push your band along.

Watch your back because this game, just like a tour, is going to be a blur and around every turn is the danger of turning into a monster…

rrraaawwwrrr_Artboard 1.png

Game Box / Game Board

Tour Cards / Custom Playing Cards

(4) Band Meeples / (3) Burnouts / Black Dice

SS Batch 2 Image-01.png

“What’s the story?”

Having played in bands for the last decade, and feeling burnt out, Taylor McCleskey decided to pour his creative efforts into something new, off the stage, during his musical hiatus in 2018. The result… Musicians are Monsters.

This fresh, tabletop experience centers around simple-strategic gameplay, sudden plot twists, and retro-feeling art design that screams less is more.


@musiciansaremonsters / #mmboardgame